Children In Worship

Children are a significant part of our life together as a congregation. Children ages 3 years and up attend worship with their parents. At a designated place in worship service (noted with a special character in the order of worship) children ages 3 years to second grade are dismissed to Children's Worship. While at Children's Worship children learn through Bible stories, wondering, and discussion and then are given time to respond through purposeful play.

Children not only participate but also lead in worship throughout the year.
  • Children's choirs lead in worship and offer special music.
  • Children are called upon to lead in special worship service, particularly at Christmas and Easter.
  • Children also practice leading in worship by serving in various roles on Children's Sunday. They may serve as ushers, lead the congregation in prayer and the reading of scriptures, or greet the congregation. The focus of this day is so that children learn to be leaders and the importance of these roles to our worship of God.