Elementary-Age Children

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Come experience scripture with a sense of wonder!

Children ages 6-9 years (Discoverers) are experiencing stories through Godly Play. Godly Play uses handcrafted materials and props as the storyteller draws children into the story through imaginative language and intentional play. Children respond through play as God invites them and pursues them through the telling of the scripture stories.

Children ages 9-12 years (Explorers) explore the stories of the Bible and their relationship with God through both Book study and Godly Play enrichment stories which allow them to wonder.  They meet separately and are encouraged to dig deeper into their individual faith journey as they explore how they can impact our world with the love of Christ.

Join us. Each Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. during the school-year!

Children's Ministry Mission Statement:

We at Immanuel Baptist Church believe the early years are indeed crucial in the life of a child. All who work with your child are concerned about the whole child and strive to provide him/her growth opportunities in every area of life--physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual living.

Children learn naturally:

  • Through imitation a child learns to do what he sees and hears others do

  • Through curiosity a child is motivated to discover people and the world around her

  • Through repetition a child develops and refines skills

  • Through doing a child learns independence by actually doing things for himself

  • Through play a child learns to interpret how she feels and thinks

  • Through relationships a child acquires feelings, attitudes, concepts, and facts.

With this in mind, we teach Bible truths through a variety of activities such as Bible verses and stories, prayer experiences, music, and play activities. It is our goal that every time a child comes to church, he or she will be adequately cared for and have a happy learning and growth experience.

For questions or more information about our children's ministry, please contact Christina Crice, Director of Children's Ministry, at 443-5306 or